The company, represented by Andrew Gorodnichev. LTD Gorodnichev offers the private investors the cooperation and development of the jewelry business.
The raised funds will be used for the creation and production of new collections of the “luxury” class with their subsequent sale, as well as to increase the company’s market share, increase sales and expand the catalogue of jewelry.

The average yield of the implemented projects in this sector is 100-200%. Business is a highly profitable, increasing profitability is directly related to the volume of working capital. Usually for these projects the ultimate realizable value of the product is 100-200% plus of the cost of the product. This is a standard benefit for projects in this area in the world market. At the same time, depending on the marketing efforts, the yield of the part of the collection can be increased to 500%.

We offer a 100% profit to the payment of the contribution of the body at the end of the investment period. As well as the possibility of a monthly interest payments, starting from the sixth month of the deposit. In the first five months of collaboration payments are not possible. This time is necessary for the manufacture of the product. Working capital at this time are not displayed. After having made the products , it would be implemented, which would make a profit of the investment and will enable to pay the dividends to the investor.

At the moment, our company has the necessary facilities for the production of 10-15 kg of products per month, the total revenue from the sale of which is $ 500 000 – $ 800 000. This output is provided by the production process and a team of professionals who is ready to create the jewelry of the luxury class.

Risks and guarantees

Jewelry and collectible items are the only currency that never falls in the price, so you couldn’t worry about the safety of their deposits, despite the long period of investment. After 5 months after the transaction, the ready goods will be on sale and will be sold at a price that covers all the costs and inflationary losses. If the products doesn’t sale on time at full price , they will be sold with discount. All the losses in this case, the company takes over, and the investor receives the full amount under the contract.

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